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Highway to Hell

Posted: Agosto 26, 2010 in Badtrip, Wala

Engines roaring, thunderous mufflers, high-speed acceleration without any safety gear, even a single helmet. These are the things we often see in the streets of Manila and other parts of the country nowadays. Motorcycle riders who fiercely drive their bikes without any consideration to other fellow motorists. They drive these bikes and roam like they own the streets. Some of the riders I usually see here in our place were underage and do not even have a license to drive. Driven by adrenaline rush, and an adventurous heart, these young punks do not even know the road communications.

Drag racing is so popular nowadays on the streets especially at midnight where the policemen were asleep. They race on national roads, highways, and sometimes at the local barangay street and a lot of money was involved. Usually, the drivers of these bikes do not own the bikes they drive for. They drive their bosses’ bikes who support them financially. And they are under aged. Some carelessness lead to accidents and mostly these accidents lead to death.

I call the attention of the authorities to stop these things urgently. They must practice their power and heighten the quality of their reputation by not taking bribes from these people. They must educate these riders.
And for those men involved in these illegal racing, please have some heart for those people who were hurt or killed in these accidents by your carelessness. RACE ON THE TRACK, NOT ON THE ROADS! Obey the rules set by the authorities. Wear safety gears, follow the road communication and please, next time you start your engine, don’t forget to bring the most important safety gear. Your head, -use it!

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